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hand-built, hand-painted, rustic, farmhouse-style signs and home furnishings

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About Us

About Us


We are truly a family business, completely built in and run out of our home with our 4 kids right alongside us. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our signs, as well as the unique quality that comes from being crafted by our own hands. 

Most sales are online through our website or through our Etsy Shop, though we are in some select stores in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Hope International


A portion of our profits now goes to support orphan girls in India through HopeInternational.org. Click to find out more about their mission and how you get involved too.

Hope International

World Vision


We have started supporting another precious child--this time in Swaziland--through World Vision!

World Vision

How We Got Started

Our adventure together started in high school where we fell in love in a small town west of Houston, which is a pretty far cry from the current life as we know it here in Fort Worth, Texas.  From then until now, we have lived a lot of life in those 20 years.  We have been through 8 years of Marine Corps life, 3 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, Nursing school (for me), 12 moves, 4 kids, a puppy, and thriving home business that I *accidently* started...That's right. I started this business by accident. While my husband was working the night shift at Amazon (yet another crazy part of our life), I needed an outlet. I was doing the parenting of 4 very young kids solo and needed something for me. So I started making wood signs. It started as a hobby, and just grew organically. Friends started buying first, then neighbors, and then just spread locally via FB and Instagram. After a year or two just doing "porch pick up" for local buyers, I branched out to Easy and now to my own site. I'm crazy blessed that I get paid to do my hobby!

Since I didn't set out to start this business on my own, I am very aware of the fact that God has given me this business. He has given me this "job" to do. He has a plan for it. So because of it, I strive to please Him with my work. I have been so blessed by this business and I hope and pray you will too. God Bless.


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